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2021-06-06 - 09:04:35  COMMUNITY | 

Doctors Answer Common Vaccine Questions on YouTube Video

Recently, Dr. Benjamin Lau, President of the Bermuda Medical Doctors’ Association , released a couple of videos on his YouTube channel featuring a Bermudian doctors answering some questions that may have been circulating around the community surrounding the COVID-19 vaccines.

“The Doctors’ Association is encouraging dialogue between physicians and the general public to find out more for themselves about the vaccines and discuss with their doctors, which is why we released these videos,” Dr. Lau said.

The first question in the video is what exactly are in these vaccines; which pediatrician Richard Ulton succinctly answered.
“There are four main ingredients in the COVID-19 vaccine; water, the MRNA molecule, a lipid envelope ( a lump of fat that allows the MRNA to get into the cell), and a molecule that helps to stabilize the vaccine,” Dr. Fulton said.
He wants to remind the public that COVID vaccines consist of a lot fewer ingredients than some more traditional vaccines.

Some people believe that receiving the vaccine will alter their DNA. Pediatrician Attiya Talbot puts this theory to rest.
“ A lot of things alter our DNA; stress, the sun, or having a child,” she said. “MRNA does not code for [alter] DNA.”

Dr. Fulton also addressed if people can contract COVID after receiving the both doses of the vaccine.

“ Receiving the vaccine does not mean that you cannot be exposed to COVID and therefore test positive for COVID,” he said. “It does mean, however, that you are much less likely to get sick with it and much less likely to transmit it to someone else.”

One of the biggest questions that people, particularly younger women have, surrounding the vaccine is if it will affect their babies if they are pregnant or breastfeeding or their fertility if they plan to have children in the future.
Dr. Fulton assures these people that, if or when they receive the vaccine, nothing will go into their fetus’ body that will be harmful to them in any way.

“There is no possibility that the vaccine can in any way infect someone’s reproductive cells, therefore the vaccine cannot affect fertility,” he said.

 Dr. Fulton also wants to assure the public that Bermuda’s vaccination program is not in an experimental or research phase, as there is proven evidence that the vaccine slows the spread of the virus.

“We will never give any sort of vaccination or medication in Bermuda that is just experimental on a mass scale like we have done,” he said.

The U.K. has recently approved the Pfizer vaccine to be used on adolescents aged 12-15. Based on the given research, Dr. Lau plans to give the vaccine to his son.
“ This younger group will maybe have to rush and speak to their doctors and find out what the safety is, before the Pfizer vaccines that we have left are discarded,” he said.

Below is the link to the YouTube video 
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