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2021-03-25 - 18:17:56  COMMUNITY | 


While last night’s planned protest against recently imposed public restrictions, relevant to the Covid-19 pandemic, attracted less than a handful of participants to the Cabinet grounds the principled concept of the exercise was yet useful according to Dr. David (Living Roots) Chapman, one of the few present.

Dr. Chapman, despite the distinct lack of response to the 10.30 p.m. protest, which was seemingly designed with the intent of evolving into acts of peaceful, civil disobedience considering the current 11 p.m. island-wide curfew, yet believed it could have been a positive, demonstrative thing for delivering a message to Government regarding their use of the Emergency Powers Act and its fairness or lack thereof toward the wider public.  

“I think it would have been a good thing, especially for the young people, so I’m here to support the young people,” Dr. Chapman told TNN’s Trevor Lindsay. “This is a message for the young people. We want to see young people have the courage to stand up for whatever they believe in. And as soon as the young people don’t have courage then that means that the society is really in danger.
“Across the world that’s who you see leading protest movements, the young people.”

Dr. Chapman, who is an author, science educator and natural living expert added that it is critical for persons to have the courage to speak up and not simple allow themselves to be dictated to by governmental control mechanisms without contest.

“It’s important to speak up in whatever way, whatever means and mechanisms you have against things that you believe are unfair or unjust in this case I know the emphasis was on this new curfew regulation that they’ve moved from 12 to 11,” continued Dr. Chapman, the son of recently departed local civil rights and union activist Laverne Furbert.

“It’s just an hour, but it’s the principle that we’re talking about. At what stage does it become or do you say: ‘Enough is enough?’
“So this is a message to the Government. This is a message to the people of Bermuda to consider that there are people out here that are not just going to allow or not just going to just carry on with life no matter what regulations are put in place.

“It’s a slippery slope that you keep pushing, pushing, pushing (people) and we need to make sure that the Government can’t just keep pushing and pushing without people speaking up.”

“At the beginning of the Covid-19 and the emergency powers I remember that the Bermuda Government put in regulations telling people that they were not allowed on the beach, on the railway trail even if for solitary exercise, things like that which at that time people had a problem with, but no one came out and pushed.

“Now we see the introduction of these curfews. At what point do we hold the Government to account and show them that we’re out here, we’re watching, and we’re not just going to allow them to keep denying us and doing more and more and more.”
Nevertheless, he conceded that Bermudians appeared yet accepting of the present Government’s methods and tactics of population control, despite many of these having no sound basis in the science they often refer to offer credibility to the actions.

Said Dr. Chapman: “Well, obviously the people don’t think so because there’s not many people out here … and that, to me is a reflection of as my colleague has said ‘Lay Down Bermuda’.

“We’re here on a street Front Street that in the 70s riots were kicking off and things like that. Now we’re here in 2021 and it seems like it’s ‘Lay Down Bermuda’, whereby Bermudians are quite quick to allow things in place that actually do not make any scientific sense and take away their freedoms.

“Things like telling people they cannot go out on their boat for recreation after 6 p.m. What’s the scientific basis for that?
“Telling people that they can’t go out for a run or walk to clear their heads after working a later shift, things like that.

“You are going to criminalize people and punish the innocent for the sake of the guilty. You’re going to treat a person walking on the street as an individual the same as someone who clearly plots and plans an illegal party. It does not make sense and that’s why I’m here.
Acting in commendable manner of constraint were members of the Bermuda Police Service (BPS), with no reported incidents of unlawfulness or arrest having tom be made, as a small t4eam of officers on the scene did not allow themselves to be drawn even by the fact that there did occur an obvious transgression of the 11 p.m. curfew by members of the public.
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